Unite North Main

North Main Street is a major corridor into the City, bringing visitors and regular travelers from Interstate 86 and areas to the north via Interstate 90 into the heart of Downtown Jamestown. As a primary gateway, the physical conditions of the roadway, streetscaping, and other public realm elements as well as building conditions and design have a significant impact on the perceptions of users. A well-maintained and visually appealing corridor invites people into the area and signals to visitors and potential investors that “we care about how we look and this is a place you want to be” – it is this mindset that the City wants to achieve with North Main Street.

For the Unite North Main Street Gateway Corridor Improvement Plan, property improvement estimates and plans, and the gathering of property information continues. Discussions concerning the design of a new city entrance sign are ongoing with the Jamestown Rotary. These are preliminary steps to improve this corridor and will be implemented as more funding can be identified.

Unite North Main Street Gateway Corridor Improvement Plan was published by Clark, Patterson, Lee (CPL) in 2017. Working with other city partners, (DOD, CPL, Chautauqua Land Bank, COI, CODE, Parks Department, DPW, IDA, and BPU), the JRC will assist with exterior neighborhood improvements as funding becomes available.

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The Unite North Main Street Gateway Corridor Improvement Plan, combined with the RBC, has the opportunity to make noticeable exterior improvements to 26 properties along the north end of the North Main Street Corridor. The goal for 2022 is to have a plan and funding to proceed with the improvements.