Vibrant Downtown

Serving as Jamestown’s core for more than 200 years, the downtown area has been through waves of change and reinvention. Since losing its regional primacy as a retail center in the late 20th century, it has reemerged as a mixed-use city center with upper-floor housing, small retail enterprises, and restaurants surrounding cultural and entertainment anchors.

Vision for Downtown

Our vision is clear: Re-establish downtown as a vital destination, an economic engine for the region, and a place that makes our community proud. This vision recognizes our dense architecturally captivating downtown as a key asset to leverage Jamestown’s success.

Building & Business Development

We champion the renaissance of Jamestown primarily through supporting the improvement of buildings in our downtown core. We support this improvement through advocacy, providing technical assistance to building and business owners, and financial incentives.

The Public Realm

Jamestown processes many unique spaces made special by the city’s topography and history. The JRC seeks ways to seize these opportunities and to develop spaces that are likely to boost investment in surrounding buildings and bolster pedestrian traffic.